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Explore the benefits you have as a holder.

Buy an OBA NFT and you will enjoy many benefits as a shareholder of the project

Business shareholder

The share capital of the OBA Group will be divided into shares, corresponding to each NFT, so that the owners of the NFTs will become real shareholders in the OBA project. The advantage of ownership guaranteed by NFT is the speed of its trading instance, but also the 100% transparency guaranteed by the blockchain ecosystem where every transaction can be verified. However, in order to create an additional guarantee, in phase Q1 the OBA Network SA will be established. Based on the ownership of the NFT, each owner has the right to request to receive the related shares and thus be registered in the Trade Register. In case the holder expresses this real right of option, his NFT will be burned, precisely because the dynamic rationale of the project is lost. With the burning of the NFT, the benefits deriving from it are also lost.

Exclusive promotions

The owners of the NFTs will be able to purchase products and services from the OBA network at supplier prices, with zero mark-up, i.e. discounts of up to 50% on the displayed price, for life. Specifically, owners will have a special account on the platform where they will see lower prices than regular users.

Strong community

NFT owners will be kept up to date with all upcoming OBA projects and investment opportunities in a private group only with the owners of the 10k NFTs. In addition OBA NFT owners will be automatically whitelisted in all future OBA projects and will have promotional prices on every purchase.

Investment opportunity

The value of the NFTs will increase not only due to the market value of Elrond, a currency with huge potential, but also due to the expansion of the OBA group in the online environment. So the profitability of a real, tangible business will be reflected in the value of your NFT. You will be part of the first generation of shareholders of the WEB 3.0 era.

Guaranteed profitability

The annual profit of the group will be guaranteed to be returned to the shareholders according to their participation in the project, automatically and directly into their wallet. The more NFTs you own in the OBA collection, the higher the returns will be. In addition 50% of the royalties will be shared equally among all OBA NFT holders.

Whitelist cryptocurrency OBA

OBA NFT owners will be the first buyers of the OBA cryptocurrency, with a huge growth potential precisely because of its usefulness in the ecommerce universe.